First Sentence Fridays Finale! Chapter 34

THE FORGIVING KIND by Donna Everhart
This is it! The First Sentence Fridays Finale for THE FORGIVING KIND!

This upcoming Tuesday, January 29th, the book will be released, and if you’ve pre-ordered, e-books will be available immediately and trade paperbacks will either ship that day or arrive very shortly. Hey, take a picture of your copy and send it to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! If you spot the book in a store, send it to me on any of those social media sites, tell me where it is and I’ll share it out on my own social media. 😉


As you know, I was born in North Carolina and have lived here most of my life with the exception of attending third and fourth grade in Michigan. Dad and Mom thought they might do better if Dad got a job working in Detroit at one of the auto corporations because he was a skilled mechanic. Some of you may remember it was there he experienced his first ever “wildcat” strike, and it wasn’t long after that they made the decision to move back home.

While I’d made friends there, I also remember being bullied because of my accent. “Hick, North Carolina monkey, dumb,” and other varieties of name calling and petty little crimes made some of my days at school miserable. It was the sort of thing kids will do when someone doesn’t fit their idea of normal. When I think of Michigan, I hate to admit, most of that is what molded my impression of my time there. (Sorry, Eldonna – you’ve more than made up for it!)

I was glad when we moved back to North Carolina, the place where I fit in, where I belonged, where no one would make fun of how I talked, or wrinkle their nose at the idea of eating collards, grits, hushpuppies (aren’t those shoes???) or fatback. Home meant hot weather, cicadas, sweet tea, and the familiar curve of the road on the way to my aunt’s house.


Sonny Creech and her family are heading home, and while I wondered if this was a spoiler for you, I don’t think so – you have no idea what has happened, or why this is happening.

Chapter 34

Quick as Mr. Fowler had moved us in, we left the big, ugly house even faster.


Thank you all so very much for following along each week! It’s hard to believe we’ve spent the last eight and half months together, with me only feeding you crumbs of this story. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, and that it’s given you an adequate sneak peek into the story.

Also, it would make me so happy, if after you read the book, you post a review! I’ve said this before, but I have to beat the drum again because reviews are so important to authors. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or even more than a sentence, but just a way for others to know your thoughts. Two places to do this are Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you again, and I hope to see you at a book event.  I keep my event page updated, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new and if I’m going to be in an area near you.

If you haven’t seen the book trailer yet, take a peek!




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