Hello everyone!  I hope your summer is going just like you want! We are into the typical southern weather pattern here, hot, hazy, and humid. The cicadas have started singing, and I saw some lightning bugs the other night under my magnolia tree.

I was looking at my inventory upstairs and for the foreseeable future, the giveaway book will be THE FORGIVING KIND!

THE FORGIVING KIND by Donna Everhart

You can read the flap copy here. If you win any of my books, I would love for you to do me the honor of leaving a review/rating. Ratings/reviews are important, and it never has to be fancy, or long, a simple, “I loved it, I liked it, I hated it (no way! ha) . . .” In other words, honest opinions welcome! You have a chance to win a copy by either commenting here, or, out on my other social media sites, and be sure to share out my posts to your friends and family too. If they like Southern fiction with authenticity and grit, they’ll like my stories. 🙂

Now on to this week’s sentences for THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! (December 31, 2019, Kensington)


After a particularly heated exchange with her, Jessie’s Daddy went out and bought a TV. Jessie saw his move as an appeasement, a way of apologizing. She didn’t really want to watch TV, but found herself hooked on The Untouchables because of Eliot Ness. She wants a person who will stand against wrongdoings, and wrongdoers, believing as she does, and she finds common ground with this character. The righteousness she sees also sparks an idea, a risky one.

Chapter 7

I watched an episode of The Untouchables when an idea I’d had before pushed through, distracting me so much that even though the show wasn’t over, I turned the TV off and went to my room.

Robert Stack as Eliot Ness


The leather bound journal Jessie’s father keeps on his dresser in his room irks her. He will periodically read notes, and make comments about what happened, sharing tidbits of family history like the time he took his first load of liquor at the age of thirteen over into Tennessee. The journal is a family treasure in his, and Merritt’s eyes. To Jessie, it only conveys how deeply entrenched her family has been for generations in the illegal liquor trade.

Chapter 8

Daddy had a ***leather-bound book with the name Sasser etched on the cover, containing entries all the way back to the days of our great-grandfather.


The winner of THE FORGIVING KIND will be announced Monday morning!

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER here, and be included in the sweepstakes to win a ***leather -bound journal like the Sassers use!

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