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Hello everyone! We’re clipping right along with our sentences, and we’re already almost one third of the way through THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER. Are you intrigued with the story yet? I hope so!

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THE FORGIVING KIND by Donna Everhart

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Now on to this week’s sentences for THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! (December 31, 2019, Kensington)


Aside from where NASCAR was born, Wilkes County, North Carolina was once called the moonshine capital of the world. (Other states also had counties they claimed as that, for instance, Franklin County, VA, and a place called Cosby which evidently straddles Cocke and Sevier Counties in Tennessee.) In the mid to late 50s, the government was trying to crack down on the illegal liquor trade in Wilkes County – considered the heyday of moonshiners and bootleggers. Several Alcohol Tax Unit (ATU instead of ATF back then) agents were sent there to clean it up, but it wasn’t until 1960 that moonshining operations began to wane, although some continued to produce it, like Jessie’s family.

If you recall, Jessie’s father bought a TV and she’s become obsessed with the show The Untouchables because of Eliot Ness. I never watched it, but in my research I found there were several episodes that dealt with bootleggers and Ness’s efforts to get rid of them, which of course makes him a hero to her.

Jessie has a plan, and it involves the ATU.

Chapter 11

His name was Nash Reardon.


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