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I know you know, but I just have to say it we’re less than three weeks away, y’all! With the holidays thrown into the mix, I feel like release day is sneaking up on me fast! 

Time to stare at puppy pictures to calm down.

My little guy – Christmas card pose (attempt)

THE ONE that made the card!

You know how I’m always beating the drum about adding THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER to Goodreads?  Well, the “To Read” area just topped 10,000 who have added or shelved it. Wow! You all helped make that happen – thank you so much!



“Rousing…movingly explores Jessie’s struggle with her eating disorder, viscerally describing her twin desires for nourishment and purging in relation to a deep need to define herself…Everhart’s story of self-discovery, rife with colorful characters and a satisfying twist, will thrill readers.”- Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

“This riveting novel set in the 1960s will have readers, especially those who enjoy Kaye Gibbons and Anna Jean Mayhew, captivated from the first page.” – Booklist STARRED REVIEW

“Everhart’s portrayal of Jessie’s coming-of-age is realistic, and heartbreaking. You will root for Jessie, the Sassers, and the moonshine before it is all over.” – Linda Hodges, Fiction Addiction, Greenville SC


One of my favorite things to do when writing a book is immersing myself into the research. Why? Because, I typically uncover some snippet of information I can use and fictionalize. For example, in THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET, it was the flooding event of 1940 in the western part of North Carolina that helped me launch that story.

In THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER, it’s not so much about one significant event, it’s more about a collective study of moonshining, the lifestyle of those who did it, and importantly, the cat and mouse sort of relationship between the moonshiners and those working for the Alcohol Tax Unit (ATU), i.e. the revenuers. For some of this story, I referred back often to a thesis paper written by a gentleman named Aaron Lancaster, who was trying to obtain his Masters in Fine Arts from Appalachian University. It was aptly titled “Chasing the Good Ol’ Boys and Girls of Wilkes County, North Carolina.”

I’ve mentioned the relationships between moonshiners and revenuers was tenuous, but almost “friendly” like. They didn’t want to harm one another, so there was little shooting, and those legendary car races rarely ended up with someone careening off the mountainside. Quite honestly, a moonshiner was more likely to get hurt/killed by another moonshiner if there was serious competition going on. Hello, Murrys vs Sassers.

I created an ATU agent named Nash Reardon, who fits the mold of a typical revenuer in those days. He’s a good man, who just wants to get the job done. He’s been sent with a team to clean up Wilkes County, North Carolina, (based on historic facts) and he intends to do just that, but, as so many real revenuers found out, it wasn’t easy.

Chapter 32

Nash Reardon’s office hadn’t changed, but he had.


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