Counting today, we’re SEVEN weeks away from the release of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! 

I’ve been thinking about what am I going to do when First Sentence Fridays comes to an end. Filling this space each week is fun, but it’s hard work at the same time. One thing I  know for sure, I will definitely post random giveaways of FINISHED copies – personalized, of course!

Donna Everhart's newest book MOONSHINERS DAUGHTER

Coming December 31, 2019 from Kensington Publishing, Inc.


I think many of us while growing up experience an awkward phase. I know I did. And it wasn’t short-lived either. It seems it may have begun around 5th grade and went straight on until I was in 10th. And when I say awkward, I mean every single outward thing about me, from my hair (Have mercy, my mother was still cutting it) to my eyes, (had a pair of those cat eye glasses) to my teeth (spaces galore) apparently were in a revolt against any redeeming quality of attractiveness. Then, I decided to add makeup to the mix. Little did I know the blue eye shadow I swiped on – all the way UP to my eyebrows – was the talk of all the bus riders, and then all of my classmates in school. Even one of my teachers said, “Oh. Wow. You’re wearing  . . . eye shadow.”

“Yes ma’am!” said I, with a big smile. She noticed, I thought. I must look good. Oh, those cringe worthy moments of childhood.

Jessie Sasser has spent most of her life feeling out of sorts with those around her. She is extremely self-conscious, and her awareness of her body, of herself as a person, is an outward painful reflection of inner turmoil. She chooses to stay on the periphery, existing on the fringes of society. She lets herself believe this is what she prefers.

Chapter 28

After tugging on a new skirt, and buttoning up a new blouse, I thought of facing my classmates.



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