For those who participated, who has a Trick-or-Treat hangover this morning? (otherwise known as sugar overload) We had severe weather all around us last night, very impressive looking on the radar. I think I heard thunder once, and that was it. If you were out and about doing the Halloween thing with your kids, I hope everyone stayed safe, and returned home with their jack-o-lanterns full of treats!

Now that Halloween is over, we are officially into HOLIDAY SEASON. (!!!)

Mind boggling, yes.

Let’s move right along to the First Sentence for this week!

Donna Everhart's newest book MOONSHINERS DAUGHTER

Coming December 31, 2019 from Kensington Publishing, Inc.


Ho boy. Oftentimes, my first sentences are seemingly mundane and make my posts challenging to write. There are those sentences that no matter how I try to finagle some interesting commentary on it, when I can’t share a lot because certain hints would inadvertently give away too much, I do what I’m doing now. Chit chat without purpose.

I’ve always said these posts will be spoiler free. 🙂 So, when I looked at this week’s sentence, I was left thinking, now how in the world am I going to write about this scene? Usually I try to think about what is going on in the story, and then decide if there’s some way to draft a meaningful paragraph to set it up, whether a personal story or insight into Jessie’s mindset, or whatever. That can’t happen this week, unless I give away a “big” reveal.

Here’s what I will tell you. What they’re working on is a very unlikely project, one that Jessie decided on.


Chapter 26

The next day both Merritt and Mrs. Brewer ended up helping, and by mid-morning I could see it was going to take us a good while.


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