Here we are in mid-October! If that wasn’t shocking enough, how about the fact I’ve been seeing Christmas decorations for weeks now? We all have, and we all know who beat out almost every store in getting their displays and trees up. I’ve always wanted to ask, what the heck happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? Most of those holidays items are already tucked onto back shelves like off season produce. Well, not the CANDY, maybe!

Either way, let’s get to the First Sentence this week!

Donna Everhart's newest book MOONSHINERS DAUGHTER

Coming December 31, 2019 from Kensington Publishing, Inc.


In this week’s installment, Jessie and Merritt are about to learn something from Mrs. Brewer. Previously, she’d already told them a little about her past, but, given some recent events, she’s made a decision to share more. She waited, as is her way, for the perfect time to elaborate. This at a moment when Jessie feels certain there are no good answers, no way out, no way for her to understand anything about her own past, or how to sort out her conflicted feelings. Eventually, what she begins to understand will influence her way of thinking.

Chapter 24

Mrs. Brewer’s knobby fingers encircled her mug, and as she blew steam off the top, I waited somewhat impatiently for her to tell us what she knew.


The winner of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER ARC will be announced Monday morning!

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Below are two ways you can support me:

  1. Pre-order a copy –> here. Included is the chance to win a truly lovely leather -bound journal like the Sassers use.
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Do you know why doing both of these is important? It gauges early interest in the book which can attract the attention of industry influencers. Thank you ever so much! 

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