It’s been a little nuts this week, so I didn’t have much time to get my act together for this post. I had a root canal on Monday. I tried to do some writing on Tuesday, (working on my fifth book, y’all!) plus I’m packing up my mother’s house for sale. This is a very difficult task, as those of you who’ve also lost their mother know all too well. I keep procrastinating, setting things aside, not wanting to let go . . . I feel as if I’m dismantling her life, throwing out things that were important to her, giving her away, by bits and pieces. I had to give myself a talking to – we have a buyer, and I’ve got to get the house empty.

Then, on Wednesday, a tree company was here to take down the tree I named “Goliath.” I was conflicted about that because I hate to lose a tree – but all in all, it was the right decision. We found out as they ground the stump, there was barely any healthy root left to support it. And it was huge, as you can see.

Huge, as in, it took a crane. The house to the right is ours, the house to the left, our neighbors.

Check out the size of the stump compared to one of the tree guys!

Thursday I cleaned house, wrote some more, packed up more boxes at Mom’s, and voila! Here we are and it’s FRIDAY!

And, you know what Friday means!

Woohoo!  We’re going to back to our usual format, simply comment, and share this post out to your bookish friends for a chance to win the ARC this week!

Don’t forget to leave a review if you win an ARC!  It would be great if winners would post pictures and share out on social media sites – they’re always fun to see! 

Now on to this week’s sentence for THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER. (December 31, 2019, Kensington)


To Jessie’s amazement, she has a picture. I’m not going to tell you HOW she got the picture, but she has one – of her Mama. She’s over the moon to finally have something tangible of her mother, and is fascinated, yet disconcerted by what she sees in it. Which, I’m also not going to tell you about. Isn’t this fun??? 🙂

Chapter 20

First chance I had, I went to show Merritt Mama’s picture.


The winner of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER ARC will be announced Monday morning!

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