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Now on to this week’s sentence for THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER. (December 31, 2019, Kensington)


This week’s sentence would be a spoiler if I put it in here in its entirety, so I’m going to have to eliminate some words! Shoot. But! I’d rather do that than ruin any part of the story for you.

Last week you learned a little bit about Oral Sasser, Jessie’s first cousin. This week, I’ll tell you a bit about more about Mrs. Brewer, the school nurse who has been keeping an eye on Jessie and trying to help her while trying not to seem like she is. Mrs. Brewer’s name suits her. She does something called “pulling leaves.” This is when she goes out and gathers various leaves from herbal plants she recognizes, dries them, and then crushes them to make various teas. She’s always handing Jessie a little packet, telling her to “bile it,” and “drink it.”

Slowly, Jessie learns this somewhat cranky, yet kind older woman is only looking out for her best interest. What she will also discover is Mrs. Brewer has a trick or two up her sleeve, and one in particular doesn’t set quite right with her – at first.

Chapter 18

Uncle Virgil said Oral had been struck dumb, but after seeing Mrs. Brewer’s  ******************, I fit that description.


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