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Have you ever thought, why do we have Southern fiction, but not Northern fiction, or Mid-west fiction, etc.? Why do you think it’s in a category of its own?

I’ve read a couple of different answers on this subject. I’ve been asked and answered that question in a Publisher’s Weekly article. When I announce the winner on Monday, I’ll share what I’ve learned about this sub-genre.

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As part of the Trio collection for 2019, go here to listen to the song, written and sung by Bruce Greenwood, and to see the accompanying artwork by Nikki Kozak. Both of these pieces are stunning, and enrich the background of the story I wanted to tell. 


Now on to this week’s sentence for THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! (December 31, 2019, Kensington)


Jessie’s Uncle Virgil is a “woe is me” sort. Feeling he got the short end of the stick with regard to his “inheritance,” he’s constantly reminding Jessie’s daddy, his older brother, that he’s owed more. To add to his misery, his relationship with his wife, Jessie’s Aunt Juanita, is centered around pleasing her, what new thing he can afford to buy her, and about keeping a job. Essentially, she’s high maintenance, demanding and self-centered. With his strong attachment to Sasser shine, his self-esteem somewhere at rock bottom, and her own self-worth being somewhere far above his, it makes for a combustible relationship.

Jessie is tired of the arguments between the two, and it gets bad enough, she has to find solace somewhere. As much as she can’t stand making shine, she realizes being in the deep woods, tucked away in a holler, she can find peace.

Chapter 14

By July, it was necessary to find ways to get away from Aunt Juanita and Uncle Virgil’s constant bickering, so I actually did volunteer to go to Big Warrior and Blood Creek on my own.


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