Here we are again, another Friday is upon us with another FREE BOOK to give out! Again this week, you have a chance to win a personalized copy of THE FORGIVING KIND! (be sure to read the details below – I’m changing up how to win this week)

You can read the flap copy here. If you win the book this week, don’t forget to leave a review!  Also, I would love to see the winners post pics! 

Did you know there’s a song for this book? And artwork? It’s all a part of the Trio collection for 2019. Go here to listen to the song, written and sung by Bruce Greenwood, and to see the accompanying artwork by Nikki Kozak. Both of these pieces are stunning, and enrich the background of the story I wanted to tell. 

THE FORGIVING KIND by Donna Everhart

In order to win this personalized copy of THE FORGIVING KIND let’s change it up a little! Aside from SHARING my post with your reader friends, tell me about a book that knocked a hole in your soul. The book that gutted you. The book that when you were done, you let your breath out, and thought, WOW, I know I will read this again.

For me, I would have to say it’s THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE by David Wroblewski. It moved me to the point I squalled at several points while reading it. Yes, “squalled.” (read, snot cried) It was so tragic. So sad. BUT. What a story. I read it several years ago, but still think about it now and then. I’m going to go back and read it at some point – if my heart can stand it.

I look forward to learning what book affected you – in one way or another!

Now on to this week’s sentence for THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! (December 31, 2019, Kensington)


I created a fictitious setting for the story, a place called Shine Mountain. (that actually was the working title of the novel, but I was persuaded to go with THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER. 🙂 ). Not only do the Sassers live on this mountain, so do the Murrys, their rivals, who are disliked by many in the community because they’re prone to violence, and drinking their bootleg liquor can be risky.  Although there have been dangerous encounters with them over the years, time has passed without any incidents, yet, the Sassers are aware at any given time, something might set them off.

Jessie’s intentions to escape her family’s outlaw legacy is fraught with complications and personal angst. She makes a snap, last minute decision, driven by something she sees, and once done, there’s no turning back.

Chapter 13

Just like the Murry still, the house fire made front page news.


The winner of THE FORGIVING KIND will be announced Monday morning!

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER here, and be included in the sweepstakes to win a ***leather -bound journal like the Sassers use!

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