Friday the 13th Can Be A Lucky Day!

It’s been a while since I’ve been out here on my blog, so I thought I’d “drop in” and share a couple of things with you all on this Friday the 13th!  Who said Friday the 13th is all bad luck? I’m here to change that thought with some good news for YOU.

First, there is a sale going on right now with major e-book retailers – and it actually ends today. Shame on me for not sharing sooner, but it’s been a little busy around here. 🙂 Right now, you can buy THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER for $1.99!

Quite a few are taking advantage as you can see by my Amazon rankings. (woohoo)


That screen shot was taken last night, and it’s gone a little higher in rankings this morning. Yippee!

Also, (and you all know how much I love these) there is a Goodreads giveaway that just started today, with a chance to win one of ten copies of the book! This giveaway is sponsored by my publisher and ends at midnight (EDT) March 27th.

I hope everyone is doing well. The corona virus has all of us worried, and people are panic buying – I’m one of them and I admit it. I think this is because of the unknowns of what will happen in each of our communities. Some of the updates on the news are encouraging, some are scary. Quite honestly, a good book is what helps me get away from thinking about it. This weekend, I plan to read and write.

What about you?




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