My Idea Of Heaven

Lately I’ve been thinking about the way we used to listen to music, you know, back “in the day.”   Think about it…the smell of the plastic disc, the creak of a record player lid being lifted, the crinkly feel of the paper holder as you slid a record from it.   You’d put a 33 or a 45 disc on the player, pick up the arm, lean over and locate the “sweet spot”, that tiny unlined area circling the disc.  You’d carefully set the stylus there and it would glide to the beginning of the song …, there would be the hint of a scratching sound coming through the speakers and that moment of anticipation as you waited for the music to begin.  At the end of the song, the needle sort of bumped repeatedly making a “shh shh shh” noise through the speakers until someone remembered to go and put another record on.

I wish we still listened to music the same way, instead of having some mini sized device plugged into our heads via ear buds, or the device plugged into fancy speakers capable of emitting sounds with such clarity it’s as if we’re listening to the artist in our living rooms.  All that’s great, and I’m all about developing technology, but for me, in some instances, I like the simpler way of life.

I guess that’s why even though I own an e-reader, I do not have the desire to upgrade.  I’m not even buying books for it any more, instead, I’m back to buying REAL books.  I’ve had the “been there, done that, bought the shirt” experience with my little e-reader, and I’m just not into the whole e-reader mania.  For me, it’s back to books with beautiful covers and jackets, paper pages and ink.  Books that I love to open up and run my fingers down the pages looking for favorite sentences or paragraphs, as well as the feeling of turning pages.  I’m even buying the books I have on the e-reader if I don’t have an actual book copy.

I like to keep all of my books nearby, like close family members.  They’re stacked on my desk in my office, on bookshelves throughout the house and there are always some on my night stand.  All are displayed so I can individually see their titles.

I don’t want a slick screen, the ability to slide my finger over some flat, electronic rendition of a classic, nor do I care for all the other widgets and gizmos that come along with these devices.  I guess I’m sort of stuck in between technology preferences.   I’ve tried out the e-reader experience and I’ve decided to take a step back, to stick with what I know and love.  It’s not to say I wouldn’t invest in a new computer to use for writing but, for reading, I’ll stick to the way of doing it I like best.  And for me, there’s something about a book in my hand.., something about walking around a bookstore, and picking one up, opening it  randomly, flipping it over, just looking…you know?  Heaven.  That’s my idea of heaven…

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