Rear View Mirror

2015 is about done.  What better time than now, on this last day of a year filled with ups and downs, to take a look back at all that happened.  And what better way than to just grab the photos.

Work in progress at the first of the year was my hard crime novel, A BLACK WATER SEASON.  It went on submission in February.


Abigail, (a.k.a.) Miss Priss was born a month premature on February, 8th.


March roared in and my father passed.  Who knew that Christmas 2014 would be his last?

Davis, Claude pic Younger


In April, I received the wonderful news that my Southern fiction novel THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE sold to Kensington!  This was a bit of a twist with regard to the submission of A BLACK WATER SEASON, which was passed on by the editor at Kensington, however, he asked to see something else.  I’m glad I had that “something else!”

It all became very real when the contract arrived from my agent.


And even more real when I received the first part of an advance!

First Check for DIXIE DUPREE - Copy - Copy

Spring came late, even though we may not remember it now, it took a while to warm up to our usual temperatures.


And during the Spring, I began work on a new book, working title THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET.


In the late Spring, came my FIRST EVER edited pages from my editor.  Yes, red pencil marks and all.  It’s considered work, but I loved it.

DD Edits

Shit! Look!

We took our usual trip to the mountains in the RV, and I got some more writing done and filled the days with long walks where I found this little guy who’s become the header pic on the blog here.


Before I knew it, late summer arrived, and Mom turned 79.  Here she is with Miss Priss on our back porch.  When I look at her eyes, I see the sadness in them, even though she’s smiling.


Fall came and my first ever writer’s conference, Bouchercon!  Even though this conference was more in line with the genre of mystery/crime novels, (signed up while I was writing BLACK WATER) I still enjoyed every second, and most of all, meeting some of the folks I interact with on other blogs, like Colin Smith, and the notorious shark herself, Janet Reid!


I swear I looked out the window one day and this happened almost over night.

Fall 2013

Thanksgiving was hosted at our house, and in what has become a tradition for me, I had Christmas decorations up too!


And it was a first for Miss Priss!  (Uh oh)

Abigail 1st Santa Visit

And “Mister” offered up his contributions to the festive events!

And now, we are here.



It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?  Here’s to the New Year, and may it be filled with all you wish for!






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