In this final post, following my little monkey’s theme of “Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil,”  (hey it was a Murder Convention…get it???)  I’ll share some of the pictures I took for the “SEEN AT BOUCHERCON.”  I didn’t take a ton because I already felt a bit gauche, and “touristy” what with the photo snapping I was doing to begin with.  Doing that is not conducive for trying to blend in.  Matter of fact, I’m thinking it looked SO uncool because I wasn’t doing all those quick, snappy selfies with cell phone – remember, I remain for the most part, technology “untethered.”

I think that might have to change in the near future.

Anywho, here we go!


They called these little red bags…”Hook Up.” When I checked in at registration, the lady said, “Hang on dear, let me give you your hook up.” Well. All righty then.


Sign up and choose a name, or have your own used in an author’s next work! (no, I didn’t sign up, boooo, party pooper!)


Henery Press display for Hank Phillippi Ryan books


Where “THEY” will be to sign books!


Margaret Maron (Bouchercon’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, 2015)


Margaret Maron, moderator (not pictured) Panel New Faces Best New Novel Nominees: L to R, Lori Rader Day, M.P. Cooley, Kristi Belcamino, and Allen Eskens. (not pictured, Julia Dahl)


Long shot, Julia Dahl on end


Les Edgerton and Trey Barker from the Rough Tough Tales for Tough Readers panel.


Rough Tough Tales for Tough Readers Panel, moderator Eric Beetner (far left), Tom Young, Chris Pavone, Les Edgerton, Trey R. Barker


Political Espionage Thrillers: Pre- and Post Edward Snowden, L to R, Susan Elia MacNeal, Terry Shames, and Mark Greaney, moderator. Not pictured Gayle Lynds, and Marc Cameron.


The Political Espionage Thrillers Panel – long shot with Gayle Lynds and Marc Cameron, Funny, where’s Colin and Loretta Sue? Hmmmm.


Barbara Poelle and Patrick Lee!!! (nuff said)


Just what it says…


Books galore!


Browsers in the book room…

Who else was “SEEN” by me, but not pictured?  Janet Reid, Loretta Ross (DEATH OF THE RED HEADED WOMAN), Colin Smith (a regular REIDER), an editor from GRAND CENTRAL (whoop!  I just wish I could remember her name) who sat with THE Barbara Poelle at our table in the bar, and talked “business.”  Also seen Donna Andrews, Wendy Corsi Straub, Susan Spann, and someone with a hat and sunglasses on coming through the lobby, who looked so “in,” I just figured he had to be a BIG deal.  Except I have no idea who he was, but he had “the look.”

As well, and no offense intended, I saw a LOT of folks who looked on in their years.  I think I understand why the publishing industry gets SO excited about young authors.  You know, that Five Under Thirty Five.  I don’t know.  Maybe writing suspense, thriller, crime makes you grow old fast.

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