The #stayhome Big Giveaway!


This probably means something a little different than it used to, if you are one of the many who used to head out the door to go to work before the #stayhome mandates.

I’ve been thinking about y’all. There’s been so much discussion online of what everyone is doing to cope. If you’re reading this, I hope you are well, and safe. I’m glad you’re here. Personally speaking, the #stayhome guidelines we’re all under haven’t been too hard for me. It’s my norm, for the most part. I’m always home, doing what I love – you know, writing the next great American novel. (haha – humor me) What I do miss is getting to see my grands, and other family members.

While it’s somewhat normal for me, I realize for many it’s not! So, I want to do something to lift your spirits. It’s really a double whammy. I not only want to see what I can do to put a little bright spot on your day, I want to help out my local bookstores, who have really stepped up with the creativity for managing author events, getting books to readers, all while trying to keep their stores going. It’s truly challenging times for us all.

Here’s how the #stayhome Big Giveaway will work:

Please share with us your “quarantine quandary – or story.” It can be a funny incident. Or, an interesting one. Maybe it’s sad. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t need to be long, just something that you experienced, or saw that’s happened since you’ve had to #stayhome.


What’s up for grabs? Several things!

  1. Two $25.00 gift cards to spend with Quail Ridge Books. You can buy whatever it is you want! It’s your choice. Shop online at Quail Ridge Books.
  2. Two “grab bags” from Page 158 Bookstore. The grab bags will contain . . ., well, I don’t know what they will contain, but I know they will be great because Sue and Dave Lucey do NOT let readers down!
  3. Two copies of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER, one each to two lucky readers!

Winners and prizes will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday by 5:00 p.m. EDT!

Both of the bookstores ship all over the U.S. *Therefore, this is for U.S. residents only – sorry!

Here’s something I can share – and I’d stick this one under the category of “bizarre.” He has on a bright pink face mask too. Wow.

At my local Walmart.

One each to two lucky readers!

One each to two lucky readers – the grab bags will come directly from Page 158 after I have the winner’s info!

Two copies, one each to two lucky readers!


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