What Am I Doing?

Checking my calendar. Drumming my fingers. Trying to write Book Six.

If it seems like forever before The Saints of Swallow Hill comes out, I promise you, it seems even longer to me!

But soon we’ll have something to help in the wait. Here’s an upcoming schedule:

May 3rd – May 5th, COVER REVEAL with Suzy Approved Book Tours, and I think you’ll love the cover, I know I do!

May 14th – First Sentence Fridays begins. I’ve been trying to think of a different way to do this, but maybe I should follow that old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Late May (not sure of date just yet) – some good news to share!

I can’t wait to introduce all of you to this story! And soon!

Photo, courtesy, Annie Spratt



  • AJ Blythe

    April 27, 2021


    I like First Sentence Fridays, so glad you’re doing them again with the next realease 🙂

    • Donna Everhart

      April 29, 2021


      That’s good to hear – I always feel by the time I’m done with them, everyone is SICK of hearing about the book! Ha! 🙂

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